Wholesale Lumber Texas

Getting ready to make some home improvements or do you intend to build a patio or gazebo yourself? A wood project can be immensely satisfying and great to do with friends and family. Once you have decided on the design plans you now need to consider the kind of Texas lumber that you will use. Lumber in Texas, like in other states, should ideally be bought at lumber yards. Parker Lumber has several wholesale lumber Texas yards in the state that offer a wide variety of lumber.

When shopping for lumber in Texas you need to choose lumber that suits your needs. Also, do remember that lumber of the same species may also differ from board to board. Hence, it is important that you pay close attention to the grain and quality of each board. It would be wise to choose boards that have a similar grain and color. This will ensure that you have a great finish. There are essentially six types of grains, straight, spiral, diagonal, wavy, irregular and interlocked.

Shopping for wholesale lumber Texas

Shopping for wholesale lumber in Texas gives you a tremendous advantage over buying from a retail outlet. You get a far wider choice and hence, can choose lumber that is perfect for your project. You can also buy Texas lumber at a bargain price at wholesale lumber Texas yards. While most home department stores usually offer more of softwoods than hardwoods, at a Texas lumber yard you will find all kinds of lumber.

Choosing the right lumber

Hardwoods are not necessarily harder than softwoods, in fact balsa, the softest wood available is a hardwood. The categories of wood help differentiate the trees that the lumber comes from. Softwoods such as fir, pine and cedar are from evergreen trees or conifers that are most often harvested. Hardwoods come from deciduous trees, these are leafy. Conifers are easier and faster to grow and harvest and thus, are more commonly found in lumber yards. They also usually have trunks that are straight. This makes them easier to fell and process.

Softwoods are great for construction projects and are ideal for doors, floors, roofs and frames. They aren’t ideal for woodworking and carving and so are usually avoided for making furniture. If you intend to paint the wood then you should probably go with softwoods. On the other hands if you intend to stain the wood it is important that you opt for hardwoods. For projects which will highlight the wood such as for furniture, cabinets and shelves, it is best to opt for hardwoods.

You would also need to choose lumber based on the final location where it will be placed or used. Some woods aren’t great for the outdoors. Here you may want to opt for wood such as teak and cypress that are moisture resistant. Softwoods need to be kept in the environment that they will be placed in finally, to allow them to get used to it.

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