Tips on Shopping at a Lumber Yard in Texas

Texas Lumber Yards

Working with wood can be a very satisfying experience. Whether this is your first project or you are a veteran craftsman or carpenter, the joy of working with some of the finest wood that nature has to offer is wonderful. Anyone who has ever been to a lumber yard in Texas will tell you it is more fun and satisfying to buy wood from a Texas lumber yard than from a store. The advantages of doing so are many. Not only do you get a wide choice to select from but you also get to buy your lumber cheaper than you would at a depot or store.

When you are looking at lumber for construction, woodworking or a family project it is important that you opt for wood that is just right for the project. Lumber at Texas lumber yards may be rough or finished. Rough lumber is most often used for woodworking, where the craftsman would be free to use and finish the lumber in any manner that he or she wishes to. For construction purposes the finished lumber is the popular choice.

Shopping in a lumber yard in Texas

The most important thing to remember when you are buying lumber is to opt for wood that befits its usage. Lumber is broadly categorized as hardwood and softwood. The terminology does not indicate the strength of the wood but the origin of the wood. Hardwood comes from evergreen trees that take longer to grow and usually grow amidst other trees. Softwoods are wood from conifers or deciduous trees and are largely cultivated and harvested for commercial purposes. Softwoods grow at a faster rate than hardwoods and they tend to have fairly straight trunk that makes them easier to cut and process.

Hardwoods include mahogany, maple, balsa, oak and elm. Pine, spruce, fir and redwood are softwoods. You can shop for hardwoods and softwoods at the Texas lumber yards. Softwoods are usually used for construction and in projects where the wood surface will not be visible. So if you are going to paint the wood you may want to opt for softwood. Woodworkers who visit a Texas lumber yard tend to prefer hardwood that stains well and has a wonderful grain to work with. If you are making furniture, cabinets and shelves then opt for a hardwood.

How to choose lumber in a Texas lumber yard

The most important thing to keep in mind after you have decided on the kind of wood you intend to buy is the grade of lumber you want to opt for. The finer the grade of lumber the more usable its surface is. Ideally you should opt for lumber with minimal knotholes and boards that aren’t bowed. If you have trouble deciding what lumber to use ask the employees at the ParkerLumber Texas lumber yards for assistance. It is a good idea to shop for about 15-20% more than what you expect to use. This would ensure that you don’t run short of wood.

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