Lumber in Sonora

Sonora lumber, as in most other places should ideally be bought at a lumber yard. This will not only get you a great price but will also give you a wider choice to select from. Shopping for lumber in Sonora can be great fun and quite educative if you shop at a Sonora lumber yard. If you are an experienced craftsman you would appreciate the wide choice available and will be able to choose the wood and lumber that best suits your requirements. If it is your first time buying wood then the experience is enhanced when you get a good feel and look at the wood available, rather than buying from the limited selection at a store.

Shopping for Sonora lumber

Before you go to the lumber yard it is important for you measure and decide on the type of wood you need and the amount that will be required. When you are shopping for lumber the first thing to remember is to choose the flattest boards available. Those that are bowed may be difficult or impossible to straighten out at times. Now try to match the coloring of the boards so that you have an even color to work with. Look out for knotholes, as far as possible buy lumber with the least knotholes. Preferably shop for about 15% more lumber than what you expect to use. This would ensure that you have enough wood even if you make a few mistakes.

At the Parker Lumber Sonora lumber yard you can buy lumber of all kinds. Hardwood such as cherry, oak, ash and maple are great for woodworking. If you are buying lumber in Sonora for home extension and carpentry jobs then you may want to consider hardwoods. Softwood is often used for construction jobs and is widely used for doors, floors and windows. Softwood includes wood such as cedar, fir pine and spruce. Lumber should be bought after considering its grade, grain, density, pores and strength.

Grading of lumber is something you need to understand before you are ready to shop at a Sonora lumber yard. The grade doesn’t imply the strength of the lumber. Lumber grades are assigned according to the defects on the boards. You also need to consider the wood’s stability. This refers to its ability to remain the same even after it has been worked upon. Hardwoods are graded as Firsts and Seconds, Select, #1 Common and #2 Common. The grading depicts the amount of wood that is usable.

When buying lumber in Sonora and looking at softwoods you will need to differentiate between grades; C Select, D Select, 1 Common, 2 Common and 3 Common. C Select is the finest grade and has minimum knotholes and defects. It is ideal for use in projects that will be clearly seen or visible, such as in the interior of the home and in shelves and cabinets. If you are unsure of the kind of Sonora lumber you want to buy, it is best to ask an employee at the lumber yard to help you.

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