Shopping for Silsbee Lumber

It may be a bird house for a school project, a book shelf for your study or home improvement plans; building something with your own hands can be an immensely satisfying experience. It is important that you shop for Silsbee lumber that is just right for the purpose. If you are an experienced carpenter and craftsman you will know exactly what kind of wood you need. For beginners it is a good idea to first survey the lumber in Silsbee before you get started. The Parker Silsbee lumber yard is a great place to start. The employees here will help you select through Silsbee lumber available to you.

Shopping for lumber in Silsbee

Before you are ready to buy Silsbee lumber you need to ensure that you buy wood that suits your purpose. You can opt to buy hardwood or softwood. Hardwood such as oak, cherry and maple are great for woodworking such as carving. Soft wood like pine, fir and cedar are popular with construction. They are great for framing jobs and for rough cut jobs. Pine, in particular, absorbs paint and varnish well. Softwood comes from evergreen trees that grow very fast. You will find all kinds of hardwood as well as softwood at the Parker Lumber Silsbee lumber yard. Shopping for lumber at the Silsbee lumber yard gives you a broader choice than you would get shopping anywhere else.

Things to look for when buying lumber in Silsbee

  • Lumber is graded and you would need to choose your lumber according to its use. The grade indicates appearance and not strength. So if you are buying lumber that will be used in an area that is clearly visible, for instance for shelves and tables you should opt for select or clear grade lumber. Such lumber has little discoloration and knotholes. If you intend to paint over the wood then you could opt for a common grade lumber.
  • Similarly you would need to select lumber size according to the thickness required for your project.
  • You may also want to opt for wood that has been precut. This is ideal for shelves, staircases and furniture legs. This would help you save time in cutting the wood to the right size and also helps you efficiently select the wood you need.
  • Check the wood to ensure that it doesn’t have too many knotholes or that it is bowed. Remember to check the moisture in the wood. If your wood is to be used indoors then opt for KD or kiln dried lumber. KD lumber has a moisture content of 8% while air dried or AD lumber has moisture content of 15-25%.
  • Plywood is layers of wood that is glued together. It is strong and stable and ideal for use in all kinds of projects. There are different types or grades of plywood, available in several sizes.

For the best results it is important that you use the right type of wood and tools for your project

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