Jasper Lumber Yard

You may be looking for lumber in Jasper to build a house, make repairs or for a DIY project. Jasper lumber can be bought at hardware stores and at a Jasper lumber yard. It is important to understand that the life of a building or anything build with Jasper lumber is dependent on the quality of lumber that you choose. There are many different types of wood that can be used in versatile ways and according to the qualities they offer. Lumber wood is more than two inches wide, while wood thinner than this size is known as a board. Timber is wood that is thicker than five by five inches.

Here are 5 quick tips on buying jasper lumber.

  • Lumber in Jasper should be bought from a reputed hardware store and Jasper lumber yard. This will assure you of the quality of wood. Also stores such as Parker Lumber offer customers a wide range of lumber that can be used for numerous projects. If this is your first time building with wood then the sales staff can help you choose just the right Jasper lumber for the job. To sweeten the deal, virtually everything you need for your project including saw, nails, measuring tapes and protective gloves are available at the store.
  • Before you are ready to set off looking for wood at the Jasper lumber yard. You need to be sure of the amount and type of wood that you are looking for. Take measurements before you arrive to buy lumber. Buy about 10% more than what you think you need for the job. This will ensure that you don’t run out of wood and also that you aren’t left with lumber to store away.
  • You would have to choose from hardwood and softwood. While softwood such as cedar, pine and fir are preferred for construction, hardwoods like oak, cherry and maple are great for detailed and fine woodwork. So if you are building a tree house you can work with softwood, however if you are creating a chair and intend to carve it, and then opt for a hardwood. Also choose wood according to the manner in which it stains. Woods such as Ash, Poplar and Walnut stain well.
  • When buying lumber in Jasper as you would anywhere else, choose the grade of the lumber according to your project. The common grade is ideal for projects where you intend to paint over the wood. For projects where the wood will be clearly visible such as for decks, shelves and tables opt for select or clear grade lumber. Also ensure that the wood is neither discolored nor does it have many knotholes in it.
  • Opt to buy lumber in the size you require. This will reduce the effort of having to cut it in the desired size. You may also prefer to buy precut lumber for shelves and stairs.

For more details on buying lumber in Jasper, speak to a Parker Lumber expert.

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